Benelli 125 Cafe’ Race

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Year: 1973
Price: Sold
Conditions vehicle: Restored
Benelli 2C is an Italian motorcycle with engine two-stroke, two-cylinder in-line frontemarcia, produced by Benelli in various versions, also with MotoBi and Moto Guzzi brands, from 1972 to 1985. Presented at Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan in 1971 , it was available from the following year at a price of 420,000 lire, commissioning excluding street, without turn signals and front brake drum. This version was equipped with cast iron cylinder, had the choke lever on the handlebar, handsets were the primary conception, the front fork was a Marzocchi production. Other features were the round rear lights with matching support, the long saddle flat profile, the discharges compensation tube (feature about 250 remain for all production) and of the steel platforms attacks that passed under the silencers. The fuel tank had a capacity of 12.5 liters and although it was prepared, the bike was without a mixer and then with a mixture lubrication to 5%. This percentage, relatively high for a two-stroke engine, entailed a considerable exhaust smoke which has sympathetically distinguished this motion. The top speed was 116 km / h real, remarkable for a 125 era. In 1974 appeared the electronic ignition instead of the one on the pins, definitely more reliable, the direction indicators (products from Aprilia) and a new tail light, slightly larger with its black support and not in color. In 1975, significant improvements were introduced: 260 mm disc brake at the front with a new more robust fork production Guzzi, new platforms attached to the frame, the rear brake control lever redesigned, new handsets decidedly more modern in the handlebar. He disappeared the choke lever on the handlebar and appeared the knobs directly on carburetors. The saddle became more comfortable, wider and with a concave profile.

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