Year: 1909
Price: Sold
Conditions vehicle: old restoration
Alcyon was a French bicycle, automobile and motorcycle manufacturer between 1890 and 1954. Alcyon originated from about 1890 when Edmond Gentil started the manufacture of bicycles in N...

Ariel 350

Year: 1930
Price: Sold
Documents: franch documents
Conditions vehicle: nice restoration
The Standard version of the single cylinder Ariel designed by Val-Page were abandoned by 1936 in favor of two new types De Luxe overhead valve: the LG 250 cc and 350 cc NG, which comp...

Aspes Super Sport 50

Year: 1969
Price: Sold
Documents: original,italian
Conditions vehicle: restored
Aspes was an Italian motorcycle company active from 1961 to 1982. Founded in Gallarate in the late fifties by Teodosio Sorrentino, the name Aspes derives from the abbreviation of the ...

Benelli 125 Cafe’ Race

Year: 1973
Price: Sold
Conditions vehicle: Restored
Benelli 2C is an Italian motorcycle with engine two-stroke, two-cylinder in-line frontemarcia, produced by Benelli in various versions, also with MotoBi and Moto Guzzi brands, from 19...

Benelli 50cc Sprint

Year: 1964
Price: Sold
Conditions vehicle: old restored
Benelli, to do a bit of history, entered the world of mopeds in 1956 with a motor frame in stamped steel and front fork biscuits, which presenteremotra few weeks. An entry late, when ...

bmw r 12

Year: 1936
Price: Sold
Documents: Original,Italian
Conditions vehicle: Restored
If officially BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke was founded on July 25, 1917 to build aircraft engines, in fact this company, subsequently converted to the production of train brakes, ch...