moto guzzi airone sport 250

Year: 1951
Price: 5.150 Euro
Documents: Italian
Conditions vehicle: Restored
The Airone is a Moto Guzzi motorcycle in production between 1939 and 1957. Presented at the end of 1939 as the heir of P.E. 250, the new quarter-liter mandellese was equipped with fou...

Bsa Roundtank 250 – 1926

Year: 1926
Price: 6.650 Euro
Documents: Esteri
Conditions vehicle: Stunning
In January 1924 BSA stunned the motorcycle market by introducing a motorcycle that cost less than forty pounds, an absolute bottom price. The machine was designed in such a way that i...

peugeot 1914 paris nice

Year: 1914
Price: 22.800 Euro
Conditions vehicle: Original
In 1910 Peugeot brought out a light V- twin motorcycle that was to become an enormous success. The “Moto Légère MD” was equipped with a 333 cc 45 degree V-twin engine with auto...

bmw r 90 s

Year: 1974
Price: 12.750 Euro
Documents: Holland
Conditions vehicle: Stunning
Presented in the autumn of 1973 at the Paris Motor Show, the BMW R 90 S was marketed in Italy from the first weeks of the following year. It is a real spaceship, full of innovative so...

dresch 250

Year: 1929
Price: 6.200 Euro
Documents: Original
Conditions vehicle: restored,stunning
The first Dresch-built motorcycle appeared at the Paris-Nice race in February 1923 ridden by Henri Dresch under the pseudonym ‘Vachet’. In 1925 he purchased the well-established P...

gilera nettuno 250

Year: 1952
Price: 6.650 Euro
Documents: Italian,ASI
Conditions vehicle: stunning
  Gilera Nettuno was born in 1946 and was presented together with Saturn, a motorcycle that was considered the "younger sister". The two bikes were indeed very similar, apart ...